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Services and Prices


Half Leg�15
Full leg�20
Bikini (Hot wax)�12
High bikini (Hot wax)�23
Brazilian (Landing strip left) (Hot wax)�26
Hollywood (everything off) (Hot wax)�30
Eyebrows (Hot wax)�8
Lip (Hot wax)�6.50
Chin (Hot wax)�6.50
Underarm (Hot wax)�9
Half arm�12
Full arm�15

Eye Treatments

Eyelash tint (includes a scalp massage while the tint develops)�10
Eyebrow tint�7

Nail Treatments

Mini Manicure (File, cuticle work and polish)�16
Luxury Manicure (File, cuticle work massage and polish)�21
Mini Pedicure (File, cuticle work and polish)�18
Luxury Pedicure (File, cuticle work, rasping, massage and polish)�25
Callus Peel foot treatment (A special mask treatment on hard areas of skin on the feet leaves the feet smooth and free of dead skin. Includes nail tidy and cuticle work while mask is on)�23
Callus Peel foot treatment with paint�29

Shellac (2-3 Week Non-Chip Polish)

Manicure colour�20
Manicure French Polish�24
Pedicure colour�22
Pedicure French�24
Soak off�8

Holistic Treatments

Hopi ear candles (25 mins)�20
Hopi ear candles with massage (40 mins)�30
Indian Head Massage (25 mins)�22
Indian Head Massage (40 mins)�32
Foot Massage (20 mins)�17
Aromatherapy Back Massage (25 mins)�22
Aromatherapy Back Massage (40 mins)�32
Aromatherapy Body Massage (60 mins)�45
Pregnancy Back Massage (25 mins)�24
Pregnancy Body Massage (60 mins)�47
Hot Stones Back Massage (25 mins)�24
Hot Stones Back Massage (40 mins)�34
Hot Stones Body Massage (60 mins)�47


Mini Facial (cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, moisturise) (25 mins)�22
Luxury Facial (cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturise) (40 mins)�28

Special Treats

Take a Break (25 min Back Massage and a Mini Facial) (50 mins)�40
Time to chill (60 mins Body Massage and Luxury Facial) (1hr 45 mins)�70
Ready Steady Go! (25 mins Hot stones Back Massage, Shellac manicure (colour) and Eyebrow wax (1hr 10 mins)�50